Las ganadoras del concurso La Experiencia Novelera presentada por Verizon Wireless con Sebastian Rulli

Angelica Frausto de Hawthorne, California estuvo nominado por su hija Marisol Frausto y su ensayo gano la mayor cantidad de votos explicando porque su mama merece el premio. Las dos ganaron un sesión fotográfica con Sebastián Rulli, $500 para compras y dos DROID RAZR MAXX de Motorola para poder estar conectada fácilmente con amigos y familiares.

Las ganadoras posan con el actor Sebastian Rulli

Su ensayo fue:

My mother, Angelica Frausto, deserves to win this prize because she puts everyone before herself and sacrifices her time and energy to better her family and friends. She is the person everyone looks up to in my family and community. Starting off with her service to the community, my mother has volunteered working in the Mar Vista Family Center for numerous years and has served as an advocate and assistant to the teachers and staff.
Moving forward, she has also volunteered as a teacher at our local church and has worked in assisting children with the education needed to prepare for their sacred first communion. In addition to helping the community as a whole, my mother sacrifices to be the best mother she can be in every aspect.

My mother has changed my life by setting the example of the perfect woman I want to be. She serves as my main motivation and inspiration for a bright future. My mother is always there for me to assist me in every way possible and never hesitates to help others. My mother deserves this prize because she goes above and beyond, favors and truly services her friends and family.

Since my mother lives a busy life, a 4G LTE Smartphone would be the best tool for her to organize her meetings and plans. It would be very beneficial for her. We have family in Mexico, including my grandmother and we like to Skype and it’s great to be able to video chat. For example for Mothers day, we Skype my grandmother and my mom cries when she sees her on the screen, it breaks my heart. Technology has come a long way and I’m glad my mother has the opportunity to use this tool to communicate with family in another country.

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Photos por: Eddie Sakaki

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