The American Diabetes Association and El Clasificado Together Against Diabetes

Cecilia Bogran, Univision 34 KMEX-TV reporter, will emcee the free “Latino Leaders Against Diabetes” evening.


El Clasificado and EC Hispanic Media have decided to join forces to bring Latino business, civic and media leaders together in an event organized with the American Diabetes Association. The goal is to end the pandemic rise of this disease, which affects two million Latinos in the United States. In a festive atmosphere at La Plaza de Cultura y Arte (501 N. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012), the program will feature key commentary from notable opinion and business heads on how to prevent and maintain a healthy lifestyle for people living with diabetes.

Cecilia Bográn, Univision 34 KMEX-TV reporter, will emcee this special event where leaders of the Latino community in Los Angeles will become health promoters, providing information on how improved nutritional practices and consistent exercise can decrease the likelihood of diabetes for themselves and members of their families. In addition, they will also promote wellness at the workforce level so everyone can do their part to stop this illness from growing.

Included will also be a panel of esteemed Latino leaders led by Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, which will also promote diabetes awareness along with the traditional Hispanic Heritage Month and Feria de Salud, held each year in Los Angeles, also organized by the American Diabetes Association. Sharing the stage with Molina will be, Hector Barreto, former Administrator of the SBA and Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, founders of El Clasificado, among others.

The event marks one of the most important efforts for El Clasificado in its 25 year’s history of working for a better future for the Hispanic community in Southern California.



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